30+ Aesthetic Pfp Ideas to use in 2024 (Updated)

In this article, we have shared some of the aesthetic PFPs you can use to make your profile look better.

A profile picture is a picture you use on social media or other online platforms to show who you are. Aesthetic PFPs are easier on the eyes and can be a big part of your online presence.

You can select an attractive PFP in various ways, and the PFPs shared in this post can be used on any social media platform.

There are millions of them available on the Internet. So we are sharing the PFPs we found on the Internet. No matter where you want to use them, these PFPs are great.

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15 Aesthetic anime PFP ideas

An aesthetic anime profile PFP is a picture that represents us on social media sites. It shows how much we like watching anime series.

Aesthetic anime PFPs often use characters or scenes from popular anime shows or movies and are from well-known anime shows.

Here are some of the aesthetic anime PFPs that you can use:

deasth note Aesthetic PFP

jujutsu kaisen Aesthetic PFP

Asta Aesthetic PFP

naruto Aesthetic PFP

charlotte Aesthetic PFP

nezuko Aesthetic PFP
aesthetic anime pfp

one piece Aesthetic PFP

charlotte pfp

aesthetic anime pfp for boys

Izuku Midoriya aesthetic pfp

Kakashi Aesthetic PFP

Dark aesthetic anime pfp

We also covered some of the Dark aesthetic anime PFP that you can use-

Dark aesthetic pfp

sad aesthetic anime pfp

dark anime pfp

black anime pfp

dark Aesthetic PFP

Aesthetic Cartoon pfps

Nowadays, there is a trend in which people convert their photos into cartoons. You can also use various graphic design software or apps to create such visually appealing cartoon PFPS.

Aesthetic Cartoon pfp

sad Aesthetic Cartoon pfp

girl Aesthetic Cartoon pfp

tom Aesthetic Cartoon pfp

new Aesthetic Cartoon pfp

10+ Aesthetic cute pfp Ideas

If you are also searching for cute, aesthetic PFPs, here are some suggestions for your profile:

 jerry Aesthetic cute pfp

shiro Aesthetic cute pfp

cat Aesthetic cute pfp

duck Aesthetic cute pfp

cheems Aesthetic cute pfp

white bear Aesthetic cute pfp

SpongeBob Aesthetic cute pfp

cute cat Aesthetic pfp

duck pfp

Some popular ideas for cute-looking PFPs are pictures or drawings of cute animals like puppies, kittens, or bunnies, characters from children’s books or cartoons, and graphics or designs that are playful or colorful.

How to make an aesthetic PFP

To create an aesthetic profile picture or PFP, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, choose a subject or theme that shows what you like. This could be a landscape, a portrait, an animal, a design, or something else.
  2. Now, find or click a picture related to that theme.
  3. Now, Edit the image to enhance its aesthetic appeal. This might involve cropping the image, adjusting the lighting or color balance, or applying filters or effects. You can also use many photo editing tools from the Play Store such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc.
  4. Now, Save this edited image in an appropriate file format for the social media site where you will be using it. Depending on the site’s requirements and your needs, this might be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file.
  5. Now you can Upload that image to your profile and set it as your new PFP. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the platform you are using.

It’s also worth noting that blurry photos also look great.


We hope you like our article about the most attractive aesthetic PFPs. You can use any pfp from our list. You can use these PFPs for your Discord, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram PFPs.

Please mention any additional characters you would like us to add in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use a GIF as my pfp (profile picture)?

It depends on what kind of app you are using. You can use a GIF as your profile picture on some platforms, but on others, you can’t.

What is an aesthetic PFP?

Aesthetic PFP is a short-term aesthetic profile picture. These are made to look or feel different by using graphic design software or filters.

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